July “Limitless” News: (open to youth in 6th to 12th grades)

Remember when we said that we were up to something special? This is it! We have evolved into “Limitless Youth Ministry”! Our mission is to inspire, encourage and challenge youth in a loving and supportive environment to shape the next generation! We have actually been working on this for about a year but life got in the way a few times, so we are finally here!

We have a fully stocked calendar for the rest of the year full of message series, fundraisers and opportunities to volunteer. Now is the perfect time to get involved with the leaders of tomorrow. There is a new board coming to the LEC with information about our group, what we are up to and resources for parents. As always, if you have any questions, just come talk with me!

Our calendar for July is filled:
 July 6 Mini Golf
 July 10 Youth
 July 13 Snorkeling
 July 19-21 Lake House Weekend
 July 24 Youth

If you know of anyone looking for something to do this summer, send them our way!! Everyone is welcome because no one is perfect and anything is possible 🙂

Lindsay Hall

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