New Evening Bible Study Beginning January 8

On Wednesday, January 8, we will begin a 7 week co-ed Bible study by Dr. Tony Evans called “Detours” right after dinner at 7:00 pm. According to Dr. Evans, “the difference between a successful person living out his of her
destiny and a person aimlessly checking off each day can often be found in how that person views his or her life experiences…because what we consider to be “detours” in our lives aren’t always detours in God’s overarching plan.

“How you manage, or mismanage, these detours, though, will have everything to do with your future. Whatever path you have trod, God can and will use it for good if you will let Him…if you will learn how to move past your past.”

This video and workbook driven study looks at the Old Testament story of Joseph and how God used detours to accomplish His plans for Joseph and the nation of Israel. God wants to do the same thing for each one of us!!!

Sign up and reserve your spot in the class (maximum of 20 people). Questions can be directed to Denise Hatton at (561) 261-0261, or Pastor Jeff.
Your detours are simply God’s perfect plan to get you exactly where He wants you to be. Trust Him, He knows the way to
your destiny.

Denise Hatton

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