Limitless Youth Ministry for February

We had a great time at “Rock the Universe! We listened to some great music and rode all the rides at Universal Studios! We are SO appreciative to y’all who got us there. It’s a great weekend that the youth really enjoy. Some of them have friends that they get to meet up with and others just enjoy walking around listening to the music. We also went to church in the Blue Man Group theater and hear a great message about Moses and the children of Israel.

February series: Choose Your Own Adventure

Whether it’s a journey to Mordor, The Upside Down, outer space, or wherever Forky ran off to this time, we all love a great adven-ture story. Maybe that’s because, deep down, we know we re designed to live an adventure story of our own….and with Jesus, we can. There is no greater adventure than the journey of knowing God more deeply, so in this 4 week series, we will talk about four ways we can do that: (1) by spending time with God, (2) spending time with others, (3) sharing our stories (4) using our gifts to serve others.

Lindsay Hall

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