B&B Believers March

The B&B Believers group met at Sam Gupta’s house on February 3 where 12 Believers gathered together for another great evening of fellowship and sharing God’s Word with each other. The February meeting encouraged each attendee to share his or her favorite Bible story or character with the group which sparked discussions and questions concerning each of the Bible stories and/or characters. We can all likely find parallels between our lives and those many stories and characters the Bible teaches us about and it’s sometimes fun, or maybe not so fun, to see which story or person you can relate to in the Bible.

The B&B group hit another milestone at February’s meeting. One Believer celebrated her 80th birthday at the meeting and thus added yet another decade to the group’s wide range of age groups of those who regularly attend. B&B now has regular attendees who’s ages span 7 decades from the 20’s to the 80’s with every age group in between. This wide diversity is exciting when studying God’s Word as it allows the attendees to lean on each other for different perspectives on the topics and discussions we share at the meetings.

The next scheduled meeting for the B&B Believers Bible study will be on Monday, March 2, 2020 at 6:00 pm. LuAnne Williams will host the March gathering at her home and John Wellslager will share the message.
If you are curious what B&B is all about or want any additional information you can contact John Wellslager at 863-228-1724 or e-mail: jwellslager@embarqmail.com.

John Wellslager

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