Pastor Jeff’s Corner for December 2021: “A King Is Born”

In the hubbub of daily living, it is easy to be distracted. Jobs or retirement, small children or grown children, good health or challenging health; these events and more can often divert our attention away from the real reason we celebrate Christmas. We celebrate Christmas because a King is Born and not just any king. Revelation 19:16 reads; On his robe at his thigh was written this title: King of all kings and Lord of all lords.

The best gift we can give anyone this Christmas is the saving knowledge about Jesus Christ and answering the “why” God came to earth in the person of Jesus. The weeks of Advent are often marked with these four weekly celebrations; Hope – Peace – Joy – Love and on Christmas Eve we light the Christ candle signifying our joyful exuberance as we mark the day our King was born. Advent is a time for teaching our children all about the wonder and awe of a couple traveling by foot and donkey to Bethlehem. The visit by the Wise Men; Jesus life and ministry; and how this incredible story unfolds through Easter. It is about a King that was willing to give up His royal and divine nature to give us the all time best gifts of all; grace, mercy, forgiveness and new life through a personal relationship with Jesus. To whom and how will you share this grand story in 2021?

As you think about gift giving this year, you might consider giving a Bible that includes great pictures to go along with the Bibli-cal stories that children will enjoy reading, because you will read the stories along with them. If you have a young person to buy a gift for, you might consider giving them a Bible that is topical, so they can learn how to face the many challenges of life with God’s Word leading them. There are audio versions (or apps like the Pray app), and video versions of the Bible that will help others continue in their pursuit of a relationship with Jesus.

Another way we can expand our Christian horizons at Christmas, is talking about the different mission endeavors our church sponsors. Take out the globe and locate with your family members where Zambia (Africa), Papa New Guinea, The Dominican Republic or where Cuba is (90 miles from Key West!). Then remind them that missions is not just about a global partnership but local partnerships too! Perhaps you could lead them in prayer over Cross Training and Agape ministries, located right here in the Glades.

When we remember that Christmas is about “The” King being born, we put this celebration in a right perspective. We open up the door for others to learn why we are celebrating.

God bless you and keep you!
God loves you and so do I.

Pastor Jeff

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