Pastor Jeff’s Corner for February 2022: “Serve Him”

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! During the month of February, we’re going to look at God’s Word and what it says about love. One thing that comes to mind when I consider Jesus’ love for us is in the area of service. Jesus was our role model for servant leadership. Recently in our worship service, we read scripture from John 14, where Jesus spoke to his disciples about the upcoming betrayal that would lead to his death on the cross; he spoke to Peter about his coming denial of Jesus three times before the rooster would crow; and he also washed the feet of his disciples. That last part, I find to be very curious.

If that had been me, awaiting betrayal and death on a cross, and I knew that one of the disciples was the guilty betrayer, I don’t think I would be washing their feet. Would you? This is where Jesus gives us a different model of service – a higher level of servanthood. Over these past few years I’ve continued to learn about some of the servant leaders at our church right here in Clewiston. And I have been amazed to learn some of their stories and so thankful that they’ve set examples of serving that reflect their hearts for following Jesus. Some of them have set the bar very high as they made sharing Christ a priority.

Today, I’m not sure we know how to prioritize our busy lives. We think that because we are busy, we are productive. I have learned from God’s Word that Jesus knew how to prioritize. We can learn from his example. There were believers in Jesus day that thought he had come to lead a revolution. He had, but not in the way they thought and during his short life on earth he demonstrated that he was always about the mission that led to his life, ministry, death and resurrection. This is one more way that he shared a most excellent model of servant-leadership.

Can we make the changes necessary in our daily lives to make sharing the good new of Jesus Christ a priority in the world around us? We can if we are willing to adjust our schedules to make time to follow Jesus and serve Jesus. In this way, we will truly love one another as Jesus has called us to. Matthew 22:39 reads, A second [command] is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ We can do this!

God bless you and keep you

Pastor Jeff

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